*blows kiss towards the pacific ocean (for the kaiju)*


In continuing the recent theme of portraits of powerful women, here is a selection of Maxim Vakhovskiy‘s figure portraits featuring women and their babies.  Check out his book, Black Venus and many of his other stunning photographs on his tumblr.

Things I don’t need during a certain time of month: people stating the obvious, people focusing semantics at the expense of the main point, people demanding my service while offering me jack shit, and other assorted fuckery



If a nigga text u randomly and Yall haven’t spoke in months he just lost all his hoes and wants to restart

Or you just posted a good lookin pic and he tryna see if he still got the juice.



*hears child crying* *takes birth control*


shout out to all the mutuals that are still following me even though our blog styles are totally different now

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